July 18, 2013

  • [Baby.ness] The Twins

    Twins are so much fun. 
    I have twin Aunties who are identical.
    So growing up I was very used to the idea of twins. 

    It was so much fun to capture these two little guys. 
    You could already see their little personalities, even as newborns.
    Though now, at almost three months, they aren't so sleepy and calm. 

    There is something so precious about sleeping babies.. these guys were "out" the entire shoot. 
    Rilian was the more posable one of the two. Corin just wanted to be cozy and left to sleep.
    Enjoy some twin.ness and beautiful black and whites. 

    “What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.” [C.S. Lewis] 

July 3, 2013

  • [Baby.ness] The Tolbert Twins Birth

    A new life. 

    Those words have such a deeper meaning for me now. 
    Just over a month ago, two little-twin boys entered the world. 

    I had the joy and privilege of capturing their story. 

     I've technically witnessed the home- births of my three younger brothers... though I was three years old for the first and don't remember much. 
    But I do remember many things about the other two. It was always a celebration in our home. Welcoming of a new life... the surprise of if it was a boy or girl. 
    Births and how it happens is not unfamiliar to me. 

    This birth, however, was not only my first hospital birth experience, but also the first time I was the photographer for the event. 
    My friends Dan and Robin had been on quite the journey with these little guys. Robin had been on bed-rest at the hospital for ten weeks. 
    Endless prayers were lifted to heaven on behalf of the lives of these two little guys. 

    The day of their birth was no exception. It began and was laced through with prayer. 
    The images tell the story. How after several hours of labor, the first little boy was born, and then moments later... 
    an emergency C-section. 

    For over 45 minutes Robin's mother and I were left in the quiet waiting room with no word on what was happening. 
    Those 45 minutes were filled with prayer... asking Jesus to spare the life of the second little boy. 

    Prayers were answered. 
    Rilian and Corin were both alive and for the most part, healthy. 

    A month later... the boys are home and doing really well. 
    And yes, there will be more pictures of their cuteness soon. 

    "God never measures the Mind. He always puts His tape measure in the Heart." [Corrie ten Boom]

June 20, 2013

  • [Senior.ness]: Megan

    There is just something so wonderful about lovely morning light...
    especially when it is a perfectly beautiful-spring-like-day and you have a pretty subject to capture. 

    Megan is an intelligent and delightful young lady. 
    She is in speech and debate and won many competitions, one which included a trip to Washington, D.C.
    Megan loves Jesus, her family, friends and good conversations about deep topics and world changing ideas. 
    She enjoys making movies, writing scripts, playing guitar, and in general, breaking the mold of what our society expects of young people.

    It was a a perfect day to capture this lovely-red-headed-girl. 

    Enjoy some deliciously-beautiful-morning-light images. 

    "She knew that when her affections were set on things above, nothing could steal her joy..."

    The photographer, who is excited to have beautiful images to edit. 


June 11, 2013

  • The Thread of Friendship [A Quilt Story]:

    I am back. 

    The last several months have been rather a whirlwind and mostly just living life. 
    But there have been some really fun things and projects happening. 
    So I get to share the quilt story with you!

    One upon a time... [over-ten-years-ago]  
    It was a special birthday. And actually, that year of my life was one of my favoritest-ages-ever.
    The sweet-sixteen year. Life was wonderful and I was so contentedly happy.

    On that happy day I turned 16... I was presented with a bag full of cards, letters and most importantly, pieces of fabric.
    Mom had asked friends and family to join in giving me a "friendship quilt".  
    At the time, life was busy and I knew very little about quilting.  

    Up till a month ago, I still knew very little about quilting... my limited knowledge was not enough to get me even the least bit excited about beginning this project.
    Then God started to work on me a few years ago, asking me to "finish up projects" in my life that have been left-undone. This included the Friendship Quilt.  

    My Aunt Lynn [who lives in Millbrook, one of my favoritest places ever], is a wonderful quilter and gave me the gift of joining her and several other of her quilt friends at a retreat for four days.
    It was the upstairs flat of an old-historic building, the bottom part was a quilt shop. How convenient. *grin*

    I learned a lot in those four days...  

    -How to thread and work my brand new Pfaff sewing machine [who still needs a name].
    -How much I miss being with older people and how much fun it is to meet new friends.
    -How incredible Masala Organic Chai is... and I am now wondering how I ever lived without it.  
    -How projects don't have to be harder than "taking-it-one-thing-at-a-time"
    -How laughter and good conversations are among the best things in life.  
    -How fun it is to encourage and be excited with others working on projects all at the same time.
    -How my seam ripper really isn't a necessity if I am careful and detailed. [He only came out once! Hooray!!!]
    -How Jesus loves to be involved with everything. Including providing 7 yards of fabric in the most wonderful color at only $3 a yard!!!!
    -How gluten free pizza may very well become my love language. [If I can stomach the cheese].
    -How incredible it feels to 80% complete a project that has been ten years waiting.  

    So yes, after however many trips to JoAnn Fabrics in the last two months, at least two full days of sewing, countless hours of ironing and pressing,
    learning about new fun tools that make quilting a lot easier and still loving my happy-color-teal... the quilt is done!  
    At least as done as I can get it.  Currently it awaits to be brought to a professional quilter-friend who will machine quilt it for me.

    Then another trip to Millbrook to put on the binding and: "Ta daaaaaaaaa".    
    So be looking for completed quilt pictures sometime in the next several months.

    Enjoy the journey of the quilt.

    Miss Pfaff who still needs a name. She is wonderful. 

    We did a lot of playing around with squares. So many colors! Had to get them placed just right!

    The first row is done!! YAYYYYYY!

    Ah yes, the Masala Chai... delightful!!

    My Aunt Lynn's beautiful hands showing me how to use the Purple Thang tool to press open all my seams. 

    All the rows completed!!

    Our group of ladies!

    All layered with back, batting and top... ready to be machine quilted!

    My Mommy signing her square. 


June 10, 2013

  • [Personal]: Life at a Walk


    "We are perishing for want of wonder... not want of wonders." [G.K Chesterton]

    Update coming on life very soon. 
    Until then, this is what life looks like at a walk... 
    taking time to smell the roses, breathe in the fresh air and soak in the sunshine. 

    Living in the moment and rejoicing in grace!

April 30, 2013

  • [Personal]: Spring

    I love Spring.

    I love Spring because it is full of new.
    New life. New chapters. New experiences. New hope. New beauty.

    I love Spring because it reminds me to slow down and linger in the breathtaking beauty surrounding me and to bask in the wonderfulness of my Jesus.

    I love Spring because I remember once again, the overwhelming faithfulness of God evidenced in practical,
    beautiful ways which He had been planning all along, but always choosing to reveal them in His perfect timing.

    I love Spring because it is full of beauty.
    Vibrant colors, delicious smells and wonderful sounds. Simple beauty from an incredible Creator.

    "Behold, I am doing a new thing;
    now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
    I will make a way in the wilderness
    and rivers in the desert." [Isaiah 43:19]

    Celebrating Spring...
    now that it is almost May.



April 8, 2013

  • [Personal]: Pictures!

    Yes, I am a photographer!
    And yes, I know you are or ought to be completely aware of that fact. *grin*
    For those of you who are not photographers, there are quite a few inside-jokes that you may not get. 
    This was posted by a fellow-photographer the other day and I had to laugh...


    No, I don't plan on quitting anytime soon. 
    No, I don't mind taking pictures of things and people I love. 
    Yes, it does sometimes feel like people expect you to have your camera with you at every event. 
    Yes, it is a lot more work than it seems, but it is worth it. 


    The last several months have flown by, and within them, many opportunities to "bring my camera along". 
    I thought it would be fun to show you some of the "random" photography jobs I have the privilege of capturing. 
    They aren't always your typical portrait sessions. Anything from Chiropractors office to Theater experiences. 
    A fifteen minute portrait session for "school pictures" to photobooth at a friend's birthday celebration. 

    Yep. About anything and everything. 

    My Chiropractor is one of the neatest and wisest men you will ever meet. Hands down. 
    Not only is he extremely smart and knowledgeable, he is caring and personable with his patients. 
    Usually, when I come for an adjustment (best thing ever) he also has a "joke of the day" waiting to share. 
    They recently moved to a new office and I was able to take some office shots for their facebook page.

    Zimmer Chiropractic


    I've always had a place in my heart for the world of drama and theater. 
    While God hasn't had me very involved with that world in the last four years, I've been able to capture it instead. 
    My dear friend, Becca has continued directing and her last production, "Anne of Green Gables" was a few weeks ago. 

    Who doesn't love Anne? 


    One of the sweetest blessings in my life the last few years has been "girlnight". 
    Four of my girlfriends and I (and occasionally some others) meet once a week in an evening. 
    It really can include anything, but the normal is dinner, lots of chatting, backrubs and more chatting.
    Recently, we have been more intentional to go around and get the "update" from each of us and then pray. 

    I am so thankful for these girls. 

    Last week, instead of girl night, we celebrated our friend Elizabeth's birthday with makeup lessons!
    Did you know that you can tell what lipstick color is best for you by holding it up to your eyes and see if it makes them POP?!
    True story. It also makes for lots of great laughs.

    Speaking of great laughs... 
    put a stack of "Apples to Apples" cards, a bunch of props, a backdrop and camera together and you also get lots of laughs. 

    Yes, it was incredible fun.  



    Then there is Easter.  
    Yes, wonderful... amazing Easter!
    Seeing as how Indianapolis has like eight inches of snow the week prior to Easter, it was delightful to have spring begin to arrive. 
    Good Friday evening, there was worship at Church. Profound. Powerful. Precious. The message of the Cross... incredible love.
    Easter Sunday at our Church brought such delight to my heart and soul. The worship and message of the Gospel... ohhh!

    "The message of the Gospel is not to 'try harder'."

    How I love Jesus. 
    So much. 


    Oh, and then the other day... it was my birthday. 
    Mhmm. Really and truly.

    It was a whirl-wind of a weekend including Chick-fil-a, family, friends, English Country Dancing, The Cheesecake Factory,
    a frog-prince (who stayed a frog but is still daring. His name is Fritzwilliam), new shoes, roller blades (ssssoooooooooooooooo excited),
    phone calls, packages, hugs and learning more about grace.
    This year was special because I was able to spend part of it with my birthday-baby-girl
    Selena turned TWO... and Miss Kristi, well, Miss Kristi turned a number that begins with "2". hehe. 

    Are you dizzy yet? hehe. 
    There is your bit-of-an-update. 

    And in case you were wondering...

    Spring is here. 

    "They had been just as surprised as Edmund when they saw the winter vanishing and the whole wood passing in a few hours or so from January to May.
    They hadn't even known for certain (as the Witch did) that this was what would happen when Aslan came to Narnia..."

    [The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis]


February 15, 2013

  • [Baby.ness]: Itty-bitty Newborn

    I got to meet a baby!
    A brand-new baby!

    The baby of my dear friends Deanna and Brad. 

    Meet Miss Abigail Eden... she was born last week. 
    I got to go to the hospital the next day to meet her...

    It was the first time I had ever been able to go see a baby of a dear friend of mine in the hospital and capture those precious first moments as a family. 
    Seeing the love of a new family... a brand new Daddy and Mommy and their little girl. Abigail Eden is blessed with wonderful parents who have loved her dearly from the moment they knew:

    "We're going to have a baby..."

    It was wonderful. Mostly the part where I got to hold this little bundle of darlingness. Weighing under eight pounds, she is the sweetest little thing, ever.
    There is nothing like holding a less-than-24-hours-old-wee-one in our arms. Nothing. It does something to your heart...
    like make you fall into a puddle of emotional exclamations of "awwws" and "so precious".  

    I think I say that about every baby. But it is true in every case. *grin*
    Yesterday, Abigail was a week old [and have I mentioned how much I love her name!?] and I got to spend some time with her and her Mommy. 
    She is even cuter at one week. I can't wait to be able to watch her grow up and capture her darlingness. 

    Enjoy the baby.ness friends. 
    Hold on to your heart... 
    it might melt. 


    "For you knit me together in my Mother's womb... I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." [Psalm 139]


January 7, 2013

  • [Personal]: Something about 2013...


    It's a NEW Year!!

    Once again, another 365 days have gone past and another 365 days have begun.
    It is a week into 2013 and already, I've been so much more aware of my need for Jesus. More, more, more and more of Jesus. 

    Looking back on exactly a year ago, I am never ceased to be amazed at how much has changed and how much as not. 

    If someone would have told me in January of 2012 that in a year's time I would be...

    • Getting not just my first stamp on my passport but actually a whole BUNCH of stamps! 
    • Going to South America twice and leaving my heart with the people and children there. 
    • Using Photography on the mission field and capturing dark-chocolate-eyed-kiddos. 
    • An International Wedding Photographer and spending a whole week in England. 
    • Learning grace and strength made perfect in weakness through continued health issues. 
    • Really ok with turning closer-to-thirty-than-twenty.
    • Through almost an entire year of counseling and growing immensely. 
    • Learning to use photography in more intentional ways like Photo essays.
    • Still wondering about the future... job, finances, vision, goals, etc. 

    If someone would have told me... I really would have laughed. 

    Have you ever thought about God laughing? I do. I wonder how often He smiles at me and laughs: "Oh, dearest... if you would only trust Me more."
    Things that I worry, fear or attempt to control... and He is just so graciously waiting for me to embrace Him. 
    Embrace truth, embrace faith, embrace all the good that He has in store for me. 

    2012 has been a good year. The year of adventures. 
    2012 has also been a hard year. The year of realizations. 
    2012 has been a wonderful year. The year of exploring. 
    2012 has also been a painful year. The year of growth. 

    Somehow... I wouldn't have it any other way. 
    Here's to 2013 and all the "new" things to come...


    Five Favorite Adventures:
    Colombia: The School and the Orphanage.
    Three full weeks in Ecuador.
    Exploring life in England. 
    Serving at CEF Headquarters.
    Random weekend road trips.   

    Five Favorite Moments:
    Walking onto the plane to South America for the first time. 
    Spending a whole week in England with my Great-Gram
     Celebrating my grandparents 50th Anniversary. 
    Finding the perfect lip color [yes, small but significant]. 
    Hearing the news of a Soul long prayed for, receiving Salvation. 

    Five Favorite Books:
    The Valley of Vision - Arthur Bennett
    Hinds' Feet on High Places - Hannah Hurnard
    The Chronicles of Narnia [yes, for like the 50th time]
    [and let's just say much didn't get read this year outside of God's Word. *ahem*]
    Five Favorite Movies:
    That Darn Cat
    Captain America
    The Avengers
    The Hobbit
    Five Favorite Things:
    Lord Rillian
    My 24-70 2.8/f wide angle lens.
    My Passport. 
    My two scarves from South America. 

    Five Favorite Quotes:
    "The difficulties in your life are not in the way of God's plan, they are a tool of it. They're crafted to advance his work of grace." [Paul David Tripp]

    “The injured party does not want to be compensated because he has been wronged; he wants to be healed because he has been hurt.” [G.K. Chesterton]

    "If only the will to walk is there... He is pleased even with their stumbles." [C.S. Lewis]

    "I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages." [C.H. Spurgeon]

    "I love doing preposterous things, why, I don't know anything more exhilarating and delightful than turning weakness into strength, and fear into faith, and that which has been marred into perfection." [The Shepherd, Hinds' Feet on High Places]



December 25, 2012

  • [Personal]: Images of Christmas

    Happy, joyous, gospel filled Christmas, friends!

    December has simply flown by. 
    Last night, as I sat on the couch in the glowing light from the Christmas tree, I was reflecting back.
    Back on last year and how far Jesus has brought me. Last December I was in bed for most of the month. 
    This December, I have been out of bed most of the month. Praise Jesus. 

    While life still is filled with many challenges and unknowns, my soul is learning the simple truth of delighting in Him.
    Delighting in the Gospel... delighting in the simple-but-oh-so-profound truth that God became man... 


    A physical human being. Leaving glory to come to bitty, insignificant earth...
    so He could feel, experience and relate with me and so He could die in my place...

    because He so loved. 

    As C.S. Lewis says: "The Gospel is to me, simply irresistible!" 
    Oh, Jesus... increase in my life and heart to be overflowing from my every part. 
    Teach me more of the Gospel, of my need of it and your grace. 
    Show me how to let the Spirit lead in my daily life and responses. 
    Give me more faith to daily trust and rely on you for everything. 

    It is no secret that I love Christmas. 
    The lights. 
    The beauty. 
    The celebration. 
    The friends. 
    The gifts. 

    Mostly, I love Christmas, because Christmas is about Jesus. 
    There is a peace that comes with Christmas. 

    I am learning that peace. It often comes through worship.
    We were able to be blessed by two Christmas eve services last night...
    my heart was in awe, my eyes in tears as I fell in love once again with HIM. 

    This evening, may your heart be drawn to worship The Baby. 

    "Jesus, laid in a lowly manger, facing a world of dangers,
    Come to turn me a stranger... into a child of God."

    Be blessed, friends!
    The Savior has come... and will come again!